The stunning penthouse flat located on the top floors of this building, has been 
completely redesigned using HI-MACS® for a spectacular exterior. 
The top two floors of this four-storey building, situated high above the Hamburg 
Harvestehude, have beengutted and redesigned into a fabulous two storey penthouse, 
with breathtaking views over the Alster. The 1970s penthouse now features a HI-MACS® façade, with a stunning 324 sq. m. roof terrace.

The room design of the interior space was mirrored to that of the roof terrace, by 
widening the chimney stack to the pergola. The architects of Gerdt Architecture 
Office made a virtue out of necessity, having created a terrace landscape with open 
and protected areas using the space-creating and space-separating columns. Once 
unsightly shafts and chimney stacks appear now as deliberately developed 
architectural elements, which optically expand outwards the interior space of the 
penthouse, in a natural way. An open fireplace and lamps in the walls and floor 
reinforce the impression of an outdoor lounge. The total picture looks as if cast in one piece due to seamless finish of the solid face material.
Along with the visual and design possibilities offered by the Natural Acrylic Stone 
from LG Hausys, its use in the outdoor area and on the façade is also justified by 
its longevity and robustness. The non-porous homogeneous surface is composed of 
67% natural stone powder, 30% high-quality acrylic and 3% natural pigments, and is 
resistant to the effects of weather. HI-MACS® can be easily cleaned, as dirt and 
even paint or bird droppings, is unable to penetrate the surface.