Clip is an outdoor furniture set created for people who enjoy rearranging their furniture from time to time. Behind its aesthetic of stylish spontaneity hides a modular design that has been carefully studied which with only two elements, an armchair and a side table, can be arranged in a wide variety of different ways to create different settings.

The armchair and side table can be used as such as well as being capable of converting into a chaise-longue if the table is placed in the position of a foot rest because of their matching heights. In the case where there is enough space to accommodate several armchairs they can be arranged independently, spaced evenly between one another or in a row to create a sofa. Another alternative is to align the armchairs and side tables alternatively in a line.

Made from 100% recyclable polyethylene both of the pieces are lightweight meaning that changing them around depending on what setting is required doesn’t require a great deal of effort. So that the same elements that during the day are used as a chaise-longue can be used to create an outdoor living area or a long linear sofa to maximise the amount of space available for celebrating a party or other event.

With its sinuous format and the ground hugging height, the Clip set creates an informal and casual ambience for laid back gatherings. In addition its streamline looks make it suitable for use at any time of the year, meaning that they can be installed permanently in an outdoor area for use all year round, even when the weather changes simply by adding cushions or a throw to make them more cozy and warm.

Designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, the Clip collection was conceived originally for GANDIABLASCO. Its ingenious and versatile design now forms part of the Diabla catalogue that includes new daring statement colour options like the red and pink versions, as well as more elegant neutral colour tones.