Living Coral has been named Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – A warm coral red with a life-affirming golden undertone that takes its inspiration from nature. According to Pantone this colour “reflects the warmth, nutrition and protection of coral reefs for the marine life”.

Colour experts see Living Coral as a clear statement in settings and decor. When arranging this colour, for example, with white and light woods, Living Coral creates a happy, bright and uncomplicated look. One who wonderfully heralds the spring and summer. And in combination with black or grey shades and dark woods, this hue looks theatrical and stimulating. In addition, Living Coral works wonderfully with blue and green tones.

So which place is better suited than your garden and terrace to introduce this cheerful coral red?  The outdoor brand Solpuri has recently launched a series of chairs, stools and tables in this wonderful natural soft shade.    For a slightly fancier combination, just combine Living Coral with a soft ocean blue. This looks very stylish.