Luxury and nature in harmony

Casa la Roca is a luxurious and forward-looking project located in Morelia, Mexico. Its construction involved the architectural challenge of integrating the house harmoniously into a complex natural environment – mountains of solid rock. In order to achieve this, two levels were constructed on stone while the third is suspended on a wall-column. The visual result simulates a suspension, as if the house were floating on air.

The house also involves a signifi cant eco-friendly focus. It has a glazed facade which, along with its carefully considered orientation as regards the sun, means it takes full advantage of the light and heat so as to provide a natural heating system. In addition, it has a water recycling mechanism, solar panels and a complete home automation installation.

Vondom too plays a part in this commitment to sustainability and elegance: several of their collections are distributed throughout different parts of the house. Voxel by Karim Rashid adorns the large central dining room, as well as the terrace with its stunning panoramic views. A large gym and 4 rooms are divided by a space which features a sofa, armchair and coffee table from the Stones collection. Passage areas such as the hallways have been fit out with flowerpots from the Bye Bye collection. The brand is also to be found in the garden area in the form of the Faz modular sofa by Ramón Esteve, the Agatha collection from the renowned designer and Doux by Karim Rashid.

In essence, this is a project in which the utmost attention has been paid to every last detail and in which the finishes, colours and architecture have been carefully planned to ensure that “La Roca” lives up to its name, completely mimicking its surroundings.