Make the world a more beautiful place by planning the whole living experience down to the smallest details – that’s what the high-end design studio Wolterinck, founded by the leading Dutch designer Marcel Wolterinck, loves doing and where it excels. Besides the studio, Wolterinck consists of a breathtaking showroom and store in Laren, the Netherlands. 

When it comes to interiors, exteriors and garden designs around the world, the track record of Wolterinck is long and impressive. With no less than seven disciplines under one roof – architecture, interior design, interior decoration, styling, art, garden architecture and product design – Wolterinck truly is one of a kind. The range of design projects is wide. The company’s portfolio not only consists of private residences, but also of super yachts and offices. 

Designs Although no two designs of Wolterinck are the same, you can see in all of them a subtle play of earthy colors and the use of elegant, mainly natural materials. Furthermore the designs show a strong connection between inside and outside (sight lines!) and form and function are always in balance. The level of customization and detailing is high. Art is a recurring element in the interiors and gardens of Wolterinck.