Space for one, two, many …

Cane-line is now introducing a beautifully designed product to create and prolong these magical moments.

Ember is a completely new category at Cane-line, and the fire pit in solid, black cast iron with soft, round shapes and fine details is an obvious addition to the Danish design company’s furniture for the good life outdoors.

A burning fire in the fire pit, hygge and food will soon attract both adults and children, so it’s good to have extra seating to hand. Cane-line has a couple of new products this year which are obvious seating options, and which can be stacked away when not in use.

The Cut stool is minimalist and robust – cast in aluminium as one piece with a soft, rounded seat. If a little extra comfort is required, it can be supplemented with a Cane-line Focus cushion with practical Velcro fastenings to hold the cushion in place.

Flip stands out with its elegant, simple design in the best possible Grade A teak, carefully selected by Cane-line from responsibly managed plantations. The golden wood, the elegant dip in the seat – which enables rainwater to drain away quickly – and the exceptionally exquisite finish complete this little extra seat and which will probably encourage you to take it inside when the outdoor season is over.

“The open fire with its peaceful, luminous heat has always been a focal point for people. The Ember fire pit was created for these magical moments, where peace reigns, providing space for reflection and contemplation,” say the designers at Strand+Hvass, the team behind Ember.