Conceived as a ‘suspended cloud’, this white pavilion in China’s Shandong province serves as a visitor centre that offers sweeping views across the mountainous landscape. Designed by Gad · line+ Studio, the structure is located adjacent to the Shenlong Canyon, with Mount Tai, one of China’s five ‘sacred mountains’, to the east. The building itself comprises three main parts: a white membrane canopy, a transparent floor to ceiling glazing, and a thick stone base. The pavilion was constructed in its entirety in just five months.

Contrasting the hard and unforgiving landscape, Gad · line+ Studio designed the pavilion — referred as ‘Jiunvfeng Study’ — to be as light and transparent as possible. “Less is more’ says the design team.

The entrance to the pavilion is through an opening in the stone walls, before encountering a single long room flanked by two outdoor balconies. In addition to the study, which contains books and a variety of seating areas, furnished with Africa chairs and Marisol tables, contract furniture that was designed by Eugeni Quitllet. The building also includes a bar elegantly decorated with stools from Vondom’s Wall Street collection. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the mountains, giving guests the illusion of being high in the treetops. Meanwhile, from a distance, the white structure seems to float gently over the landscape. Visitors inside are totally immersed in a relaxed space atmosphere to read and meditate.