The Extra mile – worldwide shipping

Do you live in Spain? Do you have a holiday home in France or a country house in Australia? No worries!
Meubili guarantees a flawless delivery to the other end of the world. This way, you can enjoy our outstanding service even at destination far away.

2. Exclusive / Scoop: Leaf – Heatsail
This summer Meubili had the pleasure to present ‘The Leaf by Heatsail’ for the first time at The Guest Store. A pop-up experience store in Knokke. Providing needed shade is what the LEAF does best – supplying protection from the elements, it heats, cools and enlights with undeniable style.
The elegant LEAF-shaped design of this future-proof solution allows it to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.
* The LEAF opens and closes with a touch of your finger, while your guests can stay underneath.
* Worldwide patented.
* Forgot to close it ? No problem, when there is too much wind it senses the vibration and closes for you.
* When open, you get a massive 4.6 by 3.6 meter surface.
* … and you can rotate it by 360°.

When it gets darker you turn on the light. 6 lightpoints distributed over the length of the LEAF give you plenty of light. After dinner? The integrated touch panel lets you dim the lights.
When it gets chilly just turn on the integrated heating. Discrete far-infrared heating elements give you the most pleasant warmth. They are also evenly distributed over the length of the LEAF, so everybody enjoys it. And of course you have different levels of heat.
When it gets really too hot switch on the misting. Integrated channels on both sides of the LEAF create a fine mist. A combination of very small orifices and high pressure lets water evaporate in the air before it makes your hair frizz. But it cools the surrounding air up to 15°C. Want to have control on how and when? Use the smartphone app and you are the cooling master.


3. Realization in Belgium by Meubili
For this realization we had the honor to work with Herbosch Architects.
This beautiful residence in Belgium has an extensive garden with a pool house. A gem of a location to which we have been delighted to provide our expertise with Meubili. Various furniture from top brands ensure that it is pleasant to stay in this beautiful piece of greenery. Several sun loungers from the Liyo collection have been placed at the pool. These are made of Teak and have light-colored cushions. Together with the Paola Lenti Chaisse Longue they are a perfect addition to the pool house. In the garden is a beautiful weeping willow, the ideal place to mount the Acapulco hanging chair. From the chairs you can enjoy this green pearl with your feet off the ground. The garden is also equipped with a few tables and benches from the Forte collection of Meubili. A cozy sitting area has been set up on the wooden terrace by the pond. The vintage lounge from Meubili was used for this, supplemented by the vintage coffee table. The whole has a spacious and calm feeling. A few Monsieur Tricot lamps from Tribu were subtly added to complete the picture.


4. Interview Michel Van Weehaeghe, Managing Director of Meubili:
The Belgian summers are getting drier, warmer and longer. More and more we go outside to enjoy the outdoor living, so there is a growing need to nicely upgrade the terrace and garden.

Michel, our Belgian summers are getting warmer and better. The mindset of people is changing, isn’t it?
“True, our summers are getting drier and warmer. We don’t wait any longer to come outside until we go on holiday. No, we want to enjoy the outdoors here in Belgium as well. As a result, there is an increasing need to decora­te and upgrade our terrace and garden.”

Now people can choose from a wide range of garden furniture?
“Indeed, the garden used to consist of a parasol, table and garden chair. Now we want to extend the style of the house to the outside. At Meubili we are happy to help with that. We are here to inspire you. We do not only create dreams, we make them happen.”

What are people looking for? What are the trends?
“To start with, people want to extend the style from the inside to the out­side. No contrasts or stylistic changes with the style that already exists. At Meubili we have something for every taste. Whether it’s rural or modern. We guarantee a beautiful result in the end.

Also important: people don’t want to drag around their garden furniture. We have a great solution: the all-weather cushions that can be used out­side from the beginning of spring until the end of the summer. The filling of these cushions are water-repellent and UV-resistant. This ensures that the cushions are immediately dry and you can enjoy your garden every moment of the day. Even after a rain shower.