The new frontier of living outside the home

Imago is the Corradi project born from a new vision of the external space with respect to its use, what happens there, what you can imagine doing.

It is the interpretation of the outdoors as a space for living outside the home, conceived as an autonomous, malleable entity that within carries Corradi DNA made of experience, innovation, emotion and Italian design. Imago goes beyond the concept of outdoor products to enter the dimension of place. A solution with adjustable blades up to 135°, self-sufficient for its construction details: platform, pillars, beams in full architectural continuity. Design pushed to extreme simplicity.

The gutter gives the possibility of incorporating LED lights throughout the entire internal perimeter to create a modular, effective and particularly pleasant lighting system. The particular geometry of the beams and pillars means that Imago’s external skin can be completely different in colour from the interior for an original, welcoming bi-color effect. Imago’s interior spaces can be modulated according to the function they are designed for, also thanks to the optional Private and Look at the sky: Private is a private corner that can be used as a dressing room, storage for chairs and loungers, wardrobe, table settings… consists of a partition of fixed and sliding brise-soleil panels secured to an additional intermediate beam and a fixed transparent Plexiglass cover (Look at the sky) to allow illumination from above.

Look at the sky, resistant to UV rays and bad weather, is also available without the Private module. Imago has so far been launched in three versions that exemplify its potential. Gourmet: this is the version of Imago dedicated to cooking, allowing you to fully enjoy your home kitchen outdoors. Feeling Good: by letting you take some time, immerse yourself in a space of well-being, Feeling Good offers moments of relaxation in an outdoor spa. Dreaming: soak in the stars while feeling protected, enjoy a film, close your eyes and dream, Dreaming is the version of Imago conceived as a bedroom, a provocation that pushes the boundaries of the outdoors further than we ever thought possible.

An elegant design and a creative concept that had never been imagined before have allowed Corradi’s IMAGO to win the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. An important recognition for the outdoor solution launched just a few weeks ago, but which is already being viewed as a new trend in the design of outdoor spaces.