Every new morning, I will go out into the streets looking for colors.
(Cesare Pavese)

Conviviality is the most beautiful season of the year. Lapalma follows its cheerful rhythms and accompanies the pleasure of spending time together also outside, with a proposal in the name of modularity and color. Three letters and creativity takes shape. It arranges, detaches, changes and has fun.

Thus,  the ADD seating system by Francesco Rota, an international award-winning success, elegantly meets the needs of contemporary space sharing. Also in the outdoors. The basic seating – an elegant chair with aluminium base supports – is the first syllable of a language that speaks to different worlds.

Two furniture elements can create a a modular sofa with removable covers. In a line, internal and external backrests join and separate tiny communities, with small tables and accessories for tablets and notebooks to be always connected, also in the outdoor spaces.

Whether it is a V-shape sofa, an S-shape seat, a vis-a-vis composition, etc., the ADD modular system takes on the most varied forms, adapting to the existing architectural elements.

The outdoor bench, is for instance a versatile solution ideal for furnishing outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and patios or for enjoying moments of authentic relaxation around the pool. Rectangular or square, it accommodates two to four people, allowing room for conviviality.

The protective fabrics chosen for the outdoor version of ADD are breathable, waterproof and resistant to UV rays.

All you have to do is to sit back and indulge in conviviality and color.