The Starling collection originates from the intention to create clean and meaningful design. The same can be said about all the work done by the Belgian design studio 

The shape of the chairs, armchairs and table mirrors the experience gathered through two generations of designers. The furniture is created by precise monolithic lines 
from bent powder coated stainless steel. 

All welding as well as smooth connections of mesh to the frame are ingeniously hiddenso that they are almost imperceptible. The subtle frame of all the seating items 
provides for a sense of lightness. Powder coated stainless steel makes it suitable 
for seaside conditions. The chairs and armchairs can come with vertically ribbed 
slip-over upholstery.

The Starling collection just like the work of a Belgian designers team Segers, is 
based upon the attitude with the focus on a clear and meaningful design. The shape 
of the chairs, armchairs and the table puts the generation experience to its best 
use. The furniture is made of precise unbroken lines of bent powder-coated steel. 

All welds just like the smooth connection of the netting on the frame are 
ingeniously hidden to become almost imperceptible. The powder-coated steel gives the furniture the feeling of lightness and makes it resistant even for the seaside 

The chairs and armchairs are completed by vertically ribbed upholstery slid on the