If you're looking for custom made, sculptural outdoor furniture for your (super)yacht then Antwerp-based design firm SIXINCH is the one to call. Since founding the company designer Pieter Jamart and his business partner Michel Sels have dreamed of achieving international success. And it came surprisingly quickly thanks to orders that flew in from all corners of the world. A block of high-quality, high-density PU or polyurethane foam is the starting point for everything. It can be cut into all shapes and sizes. And the great advantage is that there are no mould or start-up costs. A flexible rubber coating is added in any of the 20 standard colours. It is water- and weather-resistant, seamless and easy to clean. Sixinch has also created a hard coating called HARD FLEX TM that is truly rock hard and can be used as a substitute for polyester. But forget the classic unhealthy combination of glass fibre and nets: the company uses a foam base (EPS or polystyrene) with a coating around it. The advantage is that everything can be made very speedily, but above all the material is very strong. Ideal for intensive use such as sun beds for beach clubs and decks on the water.

Visit: sixinch.eu